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Roof problems

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If you are experiencing problems with your Citroen C3 Pluriel roof or just have a few questions you would like to ask then you've come to the right place.

As an independent Citroen & Peugeot specialist, French Diagnostic Services can carry out any major roof repair to the Citroen C3 Pluriel for a fraction of the main dealer price. With over 15 years training at Citroen UK and after over 200 roof repairs we have customers who come from all over the UK and Europe to have their cabriolet roof problems resolved by our expert. No job is too big or small and the majority of the time the C3 Pluriel roof can be repaired rather than having a new roof fitted which is what most garages will quote you for as they are unable and unqualified to repair the roof to such high standard. 

Aswell as offering a repair and fitting service for the C3 Pluriel Roof, we are also able to diagnose faults with your C3 Pluriel as we use the latest main dealer diagnostic equipment to cover any fault with the Citroen C3 Pluriel. Please visit our Diagnostic area to read more information on how we diagnose your vehicle. 

We stock new and used Citroen C3 Pluriel roof parts, we also have a couple of Pluriels that we are breaking. Click here to visit the FDS Pluriel Shop. Items will be posted next day in the UK or a couple of days if shipped worldwide. Please check out our feedback page to see the comments left by our happy Citroen C3 Pluriel customers and if you have any queries please contact us.

We supply all parts for the Citroen C3 Pluriel and stock the fabric roof, runners and cables, motors, rams, struts and ECU's. See below for a full list of the parts we can supply.

*If unfortunatley you have come to the decision that your Pluriel is beyond economic repair and you are thinking of selling or scrapping the vehicle, please contact us as we would be more than happy to consider purchasing your Pluriel from you.*

At FDS we use the main dealer diagnostic equipment to re-initialise the roof in the event of it being dammaged, jamming/jammed or when the ECU shuts down so we can safely work on and repair the Citroen C3 Pluriel roof without further damage. Do not attempt to close or force open the Pluriel roof by hand as you will damage the roof further. If you need any advice on the Citroen C3 Pluriel then give us a ring, it only takes a phone call. If you would like some help on how to operate your C3 Pluriel roof then take a look at our Citroen C3 Pluriel Modularity Guide. It gives you all the information on how to operate the roof and how to take off the arches to create the cabriolet style. 

If the roof does not close then use some strong tape to secure a plastic sheet over the roof and do not attempt to open the boot as it will not open. The ECU will not know where the roof is and as a precaution will disable the boot. 

The Citroen C3 Pluriel roof uses cables, ECU's and micro switches to enable the folding action. We have built no end of these on a daily basis and most of the damage is a direct result of the owner forcing it shut because the roof has stopped operating for some reason. At French Diagnostic Services we use the Diagnostic equipment to safely operate the roof to either open or close the roof slowly.

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 In stock we have new and used

Struts - Sliding Kits - Hinges - Sun Roof Motor Gears - Trims - Roof Slides - Cables - ECU's - Repair kits for plastic sliders - Motors - Micro Switches - Roof cassette hinges - Rams - Top Hooks for rear cassette - Rotatory Switch - Rear badge flaps - Pluriel Breaking

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    Citroen C3 Pluriel Roof Boot Hinges      Citroen C3 Pluriel Roof Cable Kit    Citroen C3 Pluriel Roof Switch White


       Citroen C3 Pluriel Roof Rain End           Citroen C3 Pluriel Roof Motor       Citroen C3 Pluriel Roof Swivel Bracket


   Citroen C3 Pluriel Roof Rear Vinyl Flaps    Citroen C3 Pluriel Roof Slide Kit     Citroen C3 Pluriel Roof Rear Guide


Citroen C3 Pluriel Roof Cassette Releases     Citroen C3 Pluriel Roof ECU      Citroen C3 Pluriel Roof Switch Black


    Citroen C3 Pluriel Roof Top Slide Kit                Citroen C3 Pluriel Sunroof Kit



Here are just a few of the comments made in our feedback section. All feedback below is left by Citroen C3 Pluriel owners whom we have carried roof repairs for or parts we have supplied to.


    From : Chris Gill (18th Jul 2016)

"I called in last month - June 2016 - to ask for an expert opinion on my Pluriel's roof status following some strange noises it was making when opening. I didn't just come away with the reassurance I needed before a long drive down to Cornwall that all was well but a whole host of information about the car and its history. The advice was free, friendly and incredibly knowledgeable. For an hour he demonstrated just how much FDS know about these cars and the best ways to maintain them. Theirs is an approach that also follows the eminently sensible philosophy of 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it' so as to avoid any unnecessary work/expense before it's truly warranted. Not a noticeable feature of many garages these days! I would happily recommend their services without hesitation to any Pluriel owner and hope to reward their kindness with a genuine job one day. Because I know I couldn't put the car in better hands when the time comes. "

Car Make: Citroen Model: C3 Pluriel 1.6

    From : Ruth Pritchard (14th May 2016)

"I took my car to the French diagnostic services as the roof wasn't closing. The mechanic was amazing! He managed to get the roof closed straight away and checked all the wiring for me. I had also planned on repairing the rear windows as they weren't opening and closing (I'd recently bought this car as a bit of a project). He explained to me that this was actually a tricky job and agreed to also repair one of the windows and show me how it was done so that I'd be able the fix the other. He was so helpful and I'm really grateful that he was able to share his knowledge and expertise with me. "

Car Make: Citroen Model: C3 pluriel

    From : Paula McCabe (08th May 2016)

"When the hinge snapped on my rear windscreen I took the car to the Citroen dealer in Liverpool who quoted first £1,800 then £3,000 for the repair. As it is a 57 plate that would mean it was a write off for a hinge. I looked on the internet and found French Diagnostic Services with lots of great reviews. I rang and spoke to Stuart and they were able to repair the car 2 days later. I drove down from Liverpool and met Sean, the expert technician. I decided to get both hinges replaced. Sean took me to Telford station and I came back 2 days later. The work is spot on and Sean and Stuart are 2 of the nicest men you could hope to deal with. I would highly recommend this garage. "

Car Make: Citroen Model: C3 Pluriel

    From : Gerald Thomas (10th Mar 2016)

"I bought a C3 pluriel at the auction for my daughters 17th birthday only to find out that the roof was not working, the boot would not open and the doors would not lock with the key fob, and did not know what to do next. so I rang around a few local garages and got about 200 different causes and high prices to the problem like "oh you might need a new roof" or "it will cost an arm and a leg to get those problems sorted" so having being put off by the doomsayers I searched the internet, and the C3 owners forums, and everything and everyone more or less pointed to FDS. I gave them a call and asked if I could bring my car in the next day, expecting to hear " we are very busy and it will be at least 2-3 weeks" but not at all, Stuart who took the call was very accommodating and said not a problem, we will see you tomorrow, you don't hear that from many garages. So off I went to make the 264 mile round trip not expecting much results and a very big bill. I met Sean who attended to the car straight away, Sean really knows his stuff, actually I don't think there is a problem he has not encountered or could not fix with the C3. after what seems like a short 15 minutes, he found the cause, had it all fixed and sorted the key fob as well and I was on my way home in under 2 hours with a car that could now be locked and a roof and tailgate working as it should and all for a very low very reasonable price.( and one happy daughter). All I can say is thank you Sean and the guys at FDS, can't recommend you highly enough, First class service, Knowledgeable staff and lots of good advice. if your citroen has any problems that no one else can fix, mechanical or electrical don't even hesitate or bother to look elsewhere, just pick up the phone and book your car in with FDS, "YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED""

Car Make: Citroen Model: C3 Pluriel

    From : fiona wilson (11th Feb 2016)

"Apologies for taking so long to write my review. After failing to find someone local to us to help fix the roof and boot on our beloved wee car my daughter and myself did the 600 mile round trip to this garage to have them fix our sun roof and boot. Many thanks to Sean and co who were extremely professional and knowledgeable with regards to this car. Roof was certainly working again and being able to use the boot is fantastic. Would highly recommend this garage for any make and model of car. Looking forward to a dry spring now so we can drive around with the roof open once again."

Car Make: citroen Model: pluriel

    From : Sylvia Price (14th Oct 2015)

"Thanks to the professional service offered by Sean and the team, the roof on my car was repaired in time for it MOT (Oct 15). I love my car and was pleased find someone who understood straight away what the problem was and was able to fix it without all the unnecessary "Jargon". Not only that Sean gave me some tips on how to prevent future problems, so I should get another 10 years out of the roof! Thanks to all at French Diagnostics and I'll see you when you have the clips back in stock. "

Car Make: Citeron Model: C3 Pluriel

    From: Martin Roberts (12th Oct 2015)

"We were very impressed with the service & technical knowledge from Sean & the team. From the enquiry phone call after being quoted £4,000 from Citreon who could not mend the broken hinge at the top of the roof. We arrived all the way from Devon to be met by Sean who organised a taxi for a trip to Telford, Sean asked us our plans for the day & said he would have the car back to us by the end of the day. He phoned within 30 minutes of having the car with the faults & costs, within 4hours the car was ready. Sean ran through all the repairs that had been carried out & spent time checking if we had any other questions or problems. I would recommend anyone with a C3 pluriel issue to use this garage. Service & customer care was fantastic. Thanks Martin."

Car Make: Citroen Model: Pluriel C3

    From: Martin Southam (07th Oct 2015)

"We live in Belgium and when the roof of our Pluriel stopped working we went to the Citroen garage where we bought the car (new). We like every Pluriel customer of FDS was shocked to be told the price of the repair i.e. a new roof about in total 5000 plus euros. I decided to check the internet and found FDS, a couple of phone calls and reassuring comments from Sean and Stewart we booked the car in and combined the trip with a visit to some friends. The repair was completed in about 5 hours and we are delighted with the result. Thankyou all at FDS for the great service and attention that you gave to us. Am thinking of getting the car serviced by you on our next visit to the UK "

Car Make: Citroen C3 Model: Pluriel

    From: Suz (28th Sep 2015)

"These guys were really helpful on the phone when first discussing the problem with my Pluriel roof, and two options were offered, they could send me a sunroof kit for around £200 & I could attempt the repair myself to save costs & a long journey, or I could book my car in & was quoted around £460 + vat. As keen as I was to save costs I decided to book my car in. The fact the boot wouldn't open was the main reason I wanted to get the work done, although being able to go open top again was a good thought! Got there on the day & met the lovely Sean who talked me through the usual reasons for the roof no longer working before he kindly dropped us into the local town, Ironbridge. The repair took Sean a while as he hit a few snags & had to plunder his spares store for a few things, but we eventually got a call to say the car would be ready shortly, so we made our way back to be shown my working roof! Yay! Quite honestly I was dreading what extra cost the "snags" & replacements for broken sliders etc might cost but was relieved to be charged only a little more than quoted at around £520 all in. It's so lovely to be able to use the boot & have an open top on a lovely day & I want to thank everyone at French Diagnostic Services for running such an excellent business and for being so friendly and helpful & keeping us updated during the day as promised. Honest, reliable, helpful & friendly. Doesn't get any better than that."

Car Make: Citroen Model: C3 Pluriel

     From : Emmanuel Stern (22nd Sep 2015)

"Thank you Sean ! Thank you FDS I am the head technician and owner of a Garage in Geneva and can modestly say that I have successfully navigated my way through many tricky diagnostics over the past 15 years but every now and then I get stuck. I went to Citroen twice (biggest dealership in Switzerland) and they were just slightly worse than useless ! Without a whole lot of optimism I called up FDS after getting properly stuck with my brain dead C3 pluriel roof system. Sean knew the system like he had built it himself ! He took the time to quickly run through the basic checks together with me and when we collectively ran into a brick wall he stuck with it until we got to the bottom of what was a crazy programming issue. I do not dare to record here the number of exchanges or the time that he spent on the phone with me, sufficed to say that it was above and beyond the call of duty. A huge thank you to the whole team at FDS for allowing a work environment that allows for a technician to dedicate that kind of time to a problem that is not even on site and of course hats off to Sean, a knowledgeable and passionate technician, for sticking with it through thick and thin. I owe you a keg of your favorite brew ! Pitstop Garage Team "

Car Make: Citroen Model: C3 Pluriel

    From : DOT & ROGER BARBER (26th Jul 2015)



    From : Declan Hallahan (24th Jul 2015)

"so after the seemingly inevitable roof problem with my pluriel-I'm so pleased that I found FDS(only drawback for me was a geographical one as I live nr.Dover!) The service that I received exceeded all expectations and it was certainly worth the extra cost getting the car transported to and from FDS only sorry I didn't get to meet the'team' who had been so helpful and communicative throughout the repair- so a big thankyou-roof working perfectly, job done!"

Car Make: citroen Model: c3 pluriel

    From : Della (30th Jun 2015)

"Well, If you have ever loved your car and worried about it like a family member you will understand how i feel about my Muriel. Certain ages in life arrive though when we all need to see a specialist... leakage, rumblings from below and sadly the roof sagging... desperate times ...but then we found French Diagnostics and i entrusted my beloved little car to Sean Muriel is now reborn, we have found a friend who is really enthusiastic about these wonderful cars and he really knows his stuff inside and out ....a true gentleman and hero ....thank you xx "

Car Make: citreon Model: Muriel the Pluriel

    From : Mandy Sherwood (15th Jun 2015)

"Just over a week ago I thought my car was either a write off or was going to cost me over £4,000 to repair. When I opened the boot of my Plurial the left hand top corner fell away leaving the boot unable to shut or lock and pulling the roof open with it. Citroen will not sell you the hinge needed to fix the boot/roof and the only way they will fix it for you is if you buy a whole new roof! I was devastated. Then I found FDS online and phoned up and spoke to Sean - what a Godsend he was. He assured me he could fix my car for a fraction of the price Citroen had quoted and I was ready to drive from London to Shropshire. But then I found a Citroen technician at a garage near me who knew about the Plurial roofs too. He first managed to secure my car shut (after Sean explained to me what needed to be done) and then he allowed me to buy the hinge from FDS and said he would try to fix the boot/roof for me. FDS posted me the hinge and my local technician fixed everything for the princely sum of...... £65!!! I couldn't believe it. Thanks so much to Sean and all at FDS - there aren't many decent, honest, kind people like you around. Sean spent quite a while on more than one occasion talking me through everything and he certainly knows his stuff!"

Car Make: Citroen Model: C3 Pluriel

    From : Chris Walke (15th Jun 2015)

"The whole team are great, I purchased some parts, service was clear quick and helpful. Then when i came to fit the parts i had great support, after a number of call's I found the issue and Sean told me the best way to sort it, Roof now fully operational thanks to this great team. a nice surprise in a world of poor service to find a company who are only to happy to help. will use again and again and recommend to anyone. Thanks Chris "

Car Make: Citroen Model: C3 Pluriel

    From : Emma (06th Feb 2015)

"Excellent service. I am so grateful for the help, support and patience I recieved from Stuart and the technical guy when ordering a part and upon receipt of the part. Exceptional customer service "

Car Make: Citroen Model: C3 Pluriel

   From : Robert Norman (22nd Sep 2014)

"Can't say enough good comments about these guys, I visited their workshop with my wife's Pluriel that had serious roof problems. I got quoted silly money by my Citroen dealership who said I needed a whole new roof £4,000! Don't be deceived by their laid back approach they certainly know their stuff, they have got all the top diagnostic kit know exactly what they are doing and make a mean cup of coffee. Roof sorted, wife happy and still got money in my pocket. Thanks guys!"

Car Make: Citroen Model: Pluriel

   From : Peter Richards (01st May 2014)

"Hi Stuart & Shaun, Just a quick email to say many thanks for all that you did to get Alison’s Pluriel roof working again in such a tight time scale. The fact that you had to work late into the night to get ahead of what I know to be a very difficult job, was much appreciated. It was well worth bringing the car all the way from Jersey and I would certainly recommend your company to anyone who owns a Citroen Pluriel or indeed any French car. The attention to detail, the full post repair explanation, comprehensive aftercare tips to ensure continued roof operation and preventative maintenance. With a very friendly and helpful service. A very sunny trip home was made all the better for having a fully functioning roof, thanks again. We will pop in and say ‘Hello’ next time we are in the area. All the best, Regards, Peter and Alison Richards - 1st May 2014"

Car Make: Citroen Model: Pluriel

   From : Lizzie (30th Apr 2014)

"The guys at FDS are brilliant, friendly and know their stuff and can communicate in a way that even me with zero interest in cars (apart from wanting them to go obviously!) could understand - and having been a veteran of Citreon dealers for the past 11 years that is a minor miracle. I was resigned to my car costing an arm and a leg with it's stuck and leaky boot; but after packing me off the Telford shopping centre they set to work on my car fixed the boot, MOT'ed it and I had it back late afternoon; explained clearly what had been done and I got a demo on the correct way to close the boot. They obviously know their stuff, love cars and are reasonably priced; which is a rare find today! Would recommend them to anyone with a Pluriel which needs a bit of nursing along."

Car Make: Citreon Model: Pluriel

    From : Yvonne Berry (26th Apr 2014)

"Thank you so much for your brilliant work and excellent customer service could not be more satisfied."

Car Make: Citroen Model: C3 Pluriel

    From : Adam Prigmore (13th Apr 2014)

"I travelled over from Norfolk at extremely short notice with problems with my Pluriel roof. The guys were fantastic. I made the decision to take the 4 and a half hour journey due to previous feedback and because of the patience they both showed me over the phone. It was well worth the trip, I essentially barged in on what was a really busy day but the guys made time to help. Through the expert knowledge and experience that Shaun has, he worked through the fault logically and methodically and we were finished within two hours on a fault which appeared to defy logic. My roof now works and just in time for what we can only hope will be a long hot summer. In summary, nothing short of professional, logical and methodical and most importantly, friendly and helpful. I would definately recommend these guys. Great to meet you both Nice to meet you guys, "

Car Make: Citroen Model: C3 Pluriel

    From : David (13th Apr 2014)

"I drove 5 hours from SE London as arranged with FDS. They were fantastic in re building my whole roof in 4.5 hours whilst I enjoyed the delights of Telford shopping centre. They were professional and very accommodating and the roof is like new. Thank you. I would thoroughly recommend this garage."

Car Make: Citreon Plurial Model: Plurial

    From : Mike Halsall (06th Mar 2014)

"Excellent job. We have had the car back a couple of weeks now and the roolf is back to normal and for a fifth of the cost the citroen main dealer wanted. Good and efficient service work carried out to time and to estimate and the guys demonstrated a great in depth knowledge of the cars. Will use them again but hope I will not need to. Mike"

Car Make: Citroen Model: Pluriel

    From : Fiona W (25th Feb 2014)

"These guys are great. Sean was up front about possible costs, but always reassured me it could be fixed. Once diagnosed my roof was fixed quickly. Although I live almost 2 hours away, no one else will be looking after my car in the future and I have already booked my MOT with them. Would highly recommend, if you want a professional service look no further. 25 feb 2014"

Car Make: Citroen Model: Citroen Pluriel

    From : Paul Kelly (07th Dec 2013)

"When I bought it, I asked the guy in Manchester: "does it leak?" As he answered, I'll swear his nose was getting longer, and longer, and longer. "Course it doesn't" Said he. But of course it does - like a sieve. Or rather, it did. A phone call and a visit to Sean and co sorted the major leak out. But there was a second one, from a different place, which hadn't been spotted. So I took it back and with an offer of further payment from me, turned down (the second leak was after all quite separate from the one I had asked them to fix), the job was sorted and I now have a Citroen Pluriel Dry as a Bone. Thanks a million for the great service."

Car Make: Citroen Model: Pluriel

    From : Dave Cartwright (31st Oct 2013)

"When our local garage in Manchester quoted us £4000 for a new roof mechanism plus a boot lid hinge we were ready to say goodbye to my wife's much loved Pluriel but then we found FDS who did the whole job for £1086. So thanks Stuart for being so positive in your inspection of the damage and making it possible for my wife to have her Pluriel back.You chaps have a great operation down there - Fantastic."

Car Make: citroen Model: Pluriel

    From : jane cambridge & john akerman (14th Sep 2013)

"Amazing experience, had a small problem with our roof and a cat!! and an insurance company. Contacted Sean and Stuart who were so helpful, Muriel (as we call her) was booked in for two days at the begining of september. We booked a hotel for 3 nights as we were setting off from Kent and decided to have a look round the area while we waited. Sean was helpful,(did not meet Stuart as he was on holiday) nothing was too much trouble. The car was fixed in two days as promised. We cannot thank them enough and would reccomend anyone with a pluriel with roofing problems to contact these two lovely men."

Car Make: Citroen Model: Pluriel

    From : Rachel Easter (19th Aug 2013)

"Absolutely fantastic service !! One quick phone call and my problem stuck roof was sorted .Would highly recommend this site and the staff .Thanks so much"

Car Make: Citreon Model: c3 pluriel

    From : Sandra in Sussex (23rd Aug 2013)

"THE BEST BY MILES My knight's in shining overalls! Bank holiday weekend looming, rain forecast - the roof won't close and is deader thank a dead thing. Search for help on the internet and up pops French Diagnostic Services which I call immediately hoping at 4pm they haven't knocked off early and that the panic in my voice doesn't make me sound a total idiot.. Explain my concerns and speak to Sean who is friendly, understanding and most of all knows his stuff. He guides me through a step by step workaround and makes it sounds child's play, but it is and IT WORKS - PHEW. Wish I lived closer to thank you in person but would recommend you to anyone with a Citroen. Might call again when I take the bars off if that's ok. Thanks again."

Car Make: Citroen Model: Pluriel 1.6i Sensodrive Auto 2003

    From : Geoff SINCLAIR (24th Jul 2013)

"This is really my wife's car, but I love driving it. We got it because there was and is nothing else comparable: it is just what we would have tried to design ourselves. When Jeremy Clarkson said 'do not buy this car' I knew it was just right for us! After five years withut any fault the roof and rear door failed to work. When our local dealer gave us the blank look and true to form started on about a new roof I knew it was time to do an internet search. FDS jumped right out from the screen and I was duly impressed by the testimonnials. Although based in Pembrokeshire I have business in the west Midlands so called first for a diagnosis when in the area. Sean stroked and probed the roof like a chiropractor. I could see immediately that everything I read on the screen was true! He and Stuart completely inspire confidence and richly desreve everything written about them. I left 'Chunky' for the day and picked up Sean's loan car, returning to find everything done on time and working perfectly. Great guys, wonderful service. It made my 8-hour round trip well worth it. Otherwsie Chunky would have been on the scrap heap beyond econimc repiar. I will be contacting my local dealers to tell them to send anyone with a Pluriel roof problem straight to FDS. "

Car Make: Citroen Model: 08 Pluriel Cabriolet 1.4HDI Cote d'Azur Black

    From : simon cartwright (01st Jul 2013)

"Exceptional customer service, explained in detail what was needed, and how it was to be achieved. I wish more so car service and repair centres were run like this one. 5 star service with a five star price. "

Car Make: Citroen Model: Pluriel

   From : Dennis & Lee (01st Jun 2013)

"We would highly recommend the French Diagnostic's to anyone with a convertible roof problem / issue. The lads were great from start to finish. Good help and advice over the phone, then a perfect diagnosis in about ten minutes of seeing the car. It was fully repaired at very reasonable cost in under two hours. Thanks for the excellent service. Den & Lee Brennan "

Car Make: Citroen C3 Model: Pluriel

   From : Joanne Anderson (01st May 2013)

"Amazing highly recommend to anyone my roof got jammed and no local mechanics knew how to fix it ten mins on the phone with a very friendly man talking us through the simple steps and now it works a million stars thank you so much."

Car Make: Citreon Model: C3 pluriel

  From : rob & joan ellis (14th Apr 2013)

"If you have a problem with your pluriel roof or boot there really is a solution. Dont use a Citroen UK dealer, save money & get it fixed properly. Take it along to FDS; we cannot recommend them more highly, a great garage and ideally located for visiting Telfords Ironbridge. Well worth the travel from Yorkshire. Many Thanks from Bob & Joan Ellis"

Car Make: citroen Model: pluriel

  From : Richard Matthews (25th Mar 2013)

"Rear window hinge on daughter's Puriel snapped and caused roof to twist and cease to work . Citroen Dealer fitted new hinge but advised me not to use sliding roof again . Dealer quoted around £3K plus expensive fitting costs for new roof as the only option to get roof working again . That cost was far more than value of the car , but sun roof , cabriolet / spyder option is kind of the point of having a Pluriel . A little time on internet lead me to FDS site and a quick look at the site and also at other Pluriel owners comments convinced me to make contact . Called in to talk to them on my way to a meeting in Kent from North Yorkshire and arranged to drop car off on return journey which I completed on train after Sean dropped me off at station . Without even attempting to open roof , but having listened carefully to the tale I told , Sean quickly and correctly diagnosed what needed to be done , what parts required , and provided quote there and then . No new roof required after all , main dealer ! Really impressed by helpful , friendly , honest and above all knowledgeable attitude of FDS . Sean knows all there is to know about Pluriel roofs , and judging by other comments is excellant on mechanicals aswell , and not just on French cars . Our vehicle was repaired within 2 days . I collected it by coming down on train from Yorkshire , cost was as per quote and fraction of cost of Dealer's new roof . I was shown broken parts , given advice on forward maintenance and do's and don'ts . Really impressed , well worth the travelling , an astonishing example of customer service combined with outstanding knowledge and ability . Well done Sean , Stuart and team . Thanks . "

Car Make: Citroen Model: C3 Pluriel

 From : Christian Short (05th Mar 2013)

"If your Pluriel has roof problems then don't waste your time with other garages, even main agents. Contact French Diagnostic Service straight away to save yourself time and money and grief. These guys actually understand the complicated roof system and how to repair it without having to totally replace the roof (which will cost about £4,500 - that was the quote I had from my local Citroen repair agant). Added to that these guys are a decent bumch who seem to genuinely want to help rather than make a shed load of cash from your misfortune. Forgot to mention that I came up from Cambridge but the journey was completely worth it as no one local had a clue."

Car Make: Citroen Model: C3 Pluriel Exec

From: Alison

Comment: Absolutely brilliant - do not take a Pluriel anywhere else! After a very stressful experience with an 'approved repairer' who clearly had no idea and had tried to charge me for a job not done, FDS have sorted my leaky boot which would not open. Everything was explained to me and the cost was very reasonable compared to Citroen. Well worth the drive from London, my car won't be going anywhere else. Thank you so much!"

From: mark piercy

Comment: found these guys on the net, searching for help with this bloody pluriel.....nice lads. parts sent and helpfull advice if i am unlucky to have to do this type of car with this roof again, i'll be in touch with these boys.highly recomended. keep up the good work.


From: gareth and jeff lloyd

Comment: we brought our citroen pluriel with its broken roof from chesterfield derbyshire because our local garages could not fix it, the main dealers wanted to put on a new roof at the cost of £4000+, FDS fixed our roof for a fraction of the cost, at all times they kept us informed and were extremely efficient and courteous, i would certainly use them again and would recommend them to everyone thanks so much jeff and gareth


From: Jane - Guernsey,CI

Comment: Unable to open the boot on my Citroen Pluriel. The garage said it would cost nearly £200.00 to sort. So glad I decided to ask FDS. Spoke to Sean who was really helpful and instructed me over the phone on what to do ... and it worked!! Thank you so much. Highly recommend FDS to anyone with Citroen problems!!


From: Dawn-Devon
Comments: Sean was a life saver. i was due to travel round the UK for 7 days and my sunroof and boot were not working. Thought I was in the sh*t as if I had a punctures could get to the spare. Rang him and he was a star and sorted the issue out on the phone. Had been to two local garages who said I needed main dealer so drove to Citroen over 1 hour away for diagnostics who had me use a hire car and had to drive back next day to be told 'whole unit needs replacing' I said how much for the unit expecting it to be the size of my hand to be told it was the whole rear window and roof section and the part was £3000. I had a nervous breakdown as car not worth much more....googled and found Sean and he knew immediately what it was by my telling him what happened and with his help ( we were too far to travel to him) he talked us through the repair. What a lovely guy as well.Thanks Dawn and Simon


From: Jay Sargeant
Comments: This is a service company I would recommend to anyone who owns a Citroen or Peugeot, I reviewed FDS's website due to a problem with my Citroen Pluriel roof, I was thoroughly impressed with the quick response to my email so decided to travel the 200 miles across the country for Sean to fix my car. I returned a week later to collect the car, Sean showed me everything he'd replaced and explained what the problem had been, he even gave me advise on how to fix a dashboard problem with my husband's Picasso. A thoroughly decent non waffling business, A+. If you have a Citroen or Peugeot, take it to FDS, you will not be 'ripped off' what this guy doesn't know about these cars probably isn't worth knowing.Thank you Sean,I am a totally happy customer.

From: Sam Jewkes
Comments: I brought my Citroen C3 Pluriel a few weeks ago knowing that the roof didn't work. After a bit of internet research I was worried at the cost it was going to cost to fix. I found FDS through Google. I brought the car in for a consultation and was told in simple English the problem, cause and estimated cost. The next week the car was in for repair over 2 days. I was kept up-to-date and consulted on the repair via phone. I have the car back in full working order and it is perfect. The cost was 10 times less than quoted on other sites. I will definitely use FDS for any future repairs :)


Name: Taz from Guernsey channel islands
Comments: After spend two nights glued to a pc screen looking for info on how to fix the electric roof one phone call to these guys who are F-@k£@g legends told us of hidden treasure resulting in the afending problem was solved thanks again fella truly nice guys :)


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